Process and foundry


Do you want to know how to win as quickly as possible? Play with the mermaids millions right now. There’s a lot of money and fun! In creating the entire sculpture from clay to bronze in a personal foundry at my studio, I work all aspects of the process myself. In this way, the bronze casting becomes an exploratory one by which the clay is but one stage allowing the subsequent stages of wax and bronze to further influence the work.

Bird on my Grandmother’s Chair:

I have begun a large bronze project – creating a 6-foot bird on a chair. I will document all the stages on this page; welding the armature, clay modeling, mold making, creating waxes from the mold, gating the waxes, creating the ceramic shells over the wax, pouring the bronze, de-shelling the ceramic, welding the various sections required to make the large bird, chasing the metal, and then finally developing the patina for it.
As of September 27, the clay is almost completed. The challenge in creating the bird is; how do I create a hawk that stands 6-foot high that is not menacing? While I love angst in art, it is not my intention to create angst in this bird. The feeling I seek is compassion or empathy. Is that possible in a predator bird that is large enough to eat a person?