My intention in creating art is irrelevant. I like to believe that art exists in a state of “without why and just because.” Not in the sense that the art “speaks for itself” as this suggests that art has to fit into the conceptual space of language. And not in the sense of “art for art’s sake” as this alternatively suggests that art exists outside the unity of living experience. Art needs no language; it is tacit. Call it unvoiced; or better, pre-voice.

However, having said that, I will contradict myself by continuing to say in developing art, I must begin at a point of departure. I begin with specific space, form, light and shadow in which these elements evoke something for me but, again, without voice; without a why. I follow this initial reference point, a place, a room, following an aesthetic path rather than a thinking one. My guides along the way are color harmony, composition, and light and shadow. The residual narrative contains a shadow of the original reference point.